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E S P O I R : When the god whisper our name.

The plastic waste generated in India daily amounts to 25940 tonnes, making us the largest contributor of plastic waste in the packaging sector. More than one-third of the total ‘branded plastic’ that ends up in garbage daily which comes from the households are ‘dairy product packaging’ like milk and buttermilk (chhaach) pouches. Only a small fraction of these are recycled, rest end up in drains. The thought of ‘someone’ coming to save our planet is not going to save us. We have to collectively be that ‘someone’, as no one person can ‘save the world’, but everyone can take a small step to change it. We at minus (craft plastic waste into precious product) which helps reduce the plastic footprint from our surrounding. The ESPOIR: HOPE sculpture is crafted from 130 daily use milk pouches representing undefined human hoping for a better tomorrow

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