modern home decor , 100% Recycled plastic
modern home decor , 100% Recycled plastic
modern home decor , 100% Recycled plastic
Decorative Upcycled Product
modern pattern, modern home decor, 100%Recycled Plastics

Home Decor


Simple yet unique sustainable décor speaks a language of the Unconventional genre of home decor. It illuminates the thought process behind a creative perspective attaining a perfect balance between sustainability, love, and beauty.



  • Description
  • This Upcycled Decor Piece is designed for your belongings that can be placed on your existing office desk or table. it’s is a perfect personalized gift for the tablespace. It has been produced by moulding and also engraving technology. It helps us divert 332 grams of plastic waste from ending up in landfills.
  • Materials: 100% Upcycled plastic
  • Combo of 2
  • Dimensions:  11 inches  x 4 inches ( large one)
  • Care Instructions: – Please protect it from falling from high places or tables. In case of falling from any place, edge breaks or peeling may occur. – Just clean it with a dry cloth in case it becomes dirty.
  • Disclaimer: – These are handmade to order and so every piece made is unique, no two are identical! -Handmade is not always perfect, while we do try our absolute best to ensure no flaws, bear in mind that slight imperfections such as air bubbles or uneven surfaces can occur.