We are a budding start-up endeavoring to promote the use of eco-friendly products by manifesting the use of 100% recycled plastic. We intend to raise awareness about responsible consumption by deploying eco-friendly materials in our products and using them majorly in the mainstream /top-of-the-line items. Of all the plastic produced till now, 9% has been lost (by incineration or decomposed completely) but the remaining 91% is where our opportunity lies. Our project is to tackle all the plastic waste around us for a better future for all.

All single-use plastic packaging that took less than 10 seconds to unpack tends to harm our planet severely (e.g.: snacks, water bottles, etc). This is where Minus comes into action: to rescue all the short-lived plastic and ensure that they don’t end in a landfill or any water body.

Our mission is to reduce the genesis of virgin plastic by replacing it with reused and recycled plastic of superior quality wherever permissible. We act as an incubation funnel where the raw plastic transforms into sustainable material, eco-designed without compromising the quality of the green products. So, when you use such sustainable and eco-friendly products made from recyclable plastic, it ensures positive changes around us.

Our Mission​

Minus degre is a mission-driven zero-waste organization that is determined to contribute to solving the problem of the 9.46 million tons of plastic waste that are generated annually in India. Plastic waste pollutes our oceans & land and affects our climate, food chain, and environment; we wish to address one of humanity’s greatest challenges by doing our bit in increasing the ecological footprint.

Our mission is to infuse products made from recycled plastic into the circular economy as creatively and innovatively as we can. Your help in heralding a bright tomorrow for our future generation is just one conscious step away. The mass perception that waste is of no good must change for the better and beautiful tomorrow.

"Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature."

Our eco-friendly product is unique in itself and it adds to the zero-waste lifestyle where it is used. Our distinctive plastic panels can be used to create modern-looking environmentally-conscious furniture and interior or exterior design elements.

We believe that by generating demand for green products made from recycled plastic we can keep adding value to otherwise harmful material and prevent it from ending up in landfills, the oceans, or incinerators. We enlighten the companies on the possibility of numerous green products that could be created out of discarded waste and put to manifold uses. It is high time we make a visible and substantial commitment to the circular economy.

Reaching a 100% material utilisation rate

At Minus Degre Manufacturers Pvt.Ltd, we advocate for localized plastic recycling and re-manufacturing by simplifying logistics that lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We are working on technology that will help us reduce our footprint and to reach a 100% material utilization rate through conscious buying.

Our aspirational goal is to raise awareness and sensitivity in the minds of people towards plastic waste. A beautiful and functional eco-friendly product would not only help us clear out the clogged landfills but would also make the world brimming with infinite possibilities. Thus, It is our duty and commitment towards the circular economy to enlighten your lives with the beautiful gift of nature. Moreover, we are not just a supplier: we are also a waste management advocate and your new friend in understanding and working towards true sustainability.

The Philosophy

We believe in shifting the perspective from paper to action for our plastic problem. In bringing the world closer to accept a sustainable and eco-friendly outlook, our perception on plastic and how we can derive value from it, will be crucial. This is why we believe that the world should move from the misuse to reuse of plastic, it’s the wiser thing to do – for our planet, for our businesses, for our communities.

The Vision

Bringing everyone on board with the transformation of plastic usage by changing their perspective for better. How?

By valuing plastic and paying for waste. Encouraging consumers, industries and waste pickers to simply not discard it by closing the loop on plastic usage and turning it into usable eco-friendly products; thereby stopping it from reaching landfills and polluting our oceans. By organising India’s unorganised waste sector. Streamlining supply, collection and segregation of
plastic waste making us better recyclers.



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