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Our Mission

Minus degre is a mission-driven eco-friendly organization, that is determined to contribute in solving the problem of the 9.46 million tons of plastic waste that are generated annually in India. Being an environmental enthusiast, we design and manufacture 100% recycled products that are easy on the climate and promotes conscious living.

Plastic waste pollutes our oceans & land by affecting our food chain and environment; we want to address one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Hence, to increase the ecological footprints, we have set up a zero waste shop whose aim is to bridge the gap between the environment and a zero-waste lifestyle.

Our goal is to incorporate recycled plastic into the circular economy in as many states as possible. With our help, what was once considered waste can now become a beautiful part of our lives.


Our proprietary technology enables us to re-use up to 60% of existing types of plastic. We use post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to create fascinating green products.

We produce eco-friendly panels & upcycled products. Each panel & product is made from a single type of plastic and is free from additive and external colour so it can be easily recycled, extending its meaning beyond a product, more as a sustainable beauty in the circular economy. We have a wide range of eco-friendly products from simple ones like jewellery, and coasters to an artistic products like sculpture, furniture, panels etc.

The panels have a standard size of 39×39 inches and thickness ranging from 5mm to 20mm. As for the surface look, our panels & green products have semi-glossy and matte finishes depending on the material.

Why Recycling Matter

Total Plastic Waste Ever Generated
Billion Tonnes
Plastic Bottles Purchased Globally
Million / 60 Sec
India's Non Biodegradable Waste
India's Annual Plastic Waste Equals
Eiffel Towers
Total plastic we recycled

The circular economy of plastic

Recycling plastic is revolutionary, not because it is complicated But, because it is underrated. Our planet’s plastic consumption has been linear, Plastic products are treated harshly after its use and thrown away only to be dumped in the landfills, resulting in plastic pollution. Plastic was labeled as the villain, but with a circular economy, we make use of plastic by converting it into eco-friendly products. Plastic waste is collected, segregated, and recycled into a beautiful sustainable product which again is collected from consumers and hence, the process goes on, thus heralding an era of positive change, preventing plastic from ending up in landfills which in turn reduces plastic pollution and generate more value out of the resource. With the right intent, effort, awareness, sincerity and innovation, this goal is achievable.

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What people say?

In a world full of destroyers, these sane people are paving a path to sustainability and growth. MINUS DEGRE was founded by IITians who decided to make a change for the environment on their own, instead of picking up a high paying job. Their vision and clarity impressed us

I love Minus Degre products and the service is outstanding too. They have accommodated last minute request, Amazing 😀 I'm looking forward to ordering a lot more items and even passing the word about them...
I'm impressed by the work they do and the products are so good. Definitely buying more products from them, and also will be collecting the plastic from my home and sending it over..

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